Tumblr General Discussion Rules

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Tumblr General Discussion Rules

Post by fuzzyfoe on Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:43 pm

Welcome to Tumbly, the unofficial Tumblr forums! I created these forums because on Tumblr, the only posts you see on your dashboard are from people you follow, and most of those posts are popular posts. Some people do not have a lot of followers, so their ideas are not spread throughout Tumblr. Also a lot of Tumblr users have trouble finding other Tumblr users who share their interests, and with a forum layout you see posts made by everybody, not just people you follow! If the Tumblr website is ever down, under maintenance, or the staff have fucked it up beyond repair, you can always come here to get your daily Tumblr fix.

Global Rules:
1. Your forum name must be your Tumblr URL.
2. Do not post gore or NSFW content unless the subforum rules say otherwise.
3. Be aware that there is a difference between shitposting and spam. Shitposting is funny, but spam is just annoying.
4. Do not advertise your artwork anywhere else besides the artwork subforum.

Subforum Rules:
1. The Tumblr General Discussion subforum is for discussing the Tumblr website as a whole and for discussing things that have no other category on this forum. Do not discuss things that already have their own category, such as fandom stuff.

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