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Artwork Rules

Post by fuzzyfoe on Mon Aug 10, 2015 6:53 pm

This subforum is for sharing your artwork and critiquing the art of others.

Global Rules:
1. Your forum name must be your Tumblr URL.
2. Do not post gore or NSFW content unless the subforum rules say otherwise.
3. Be aware that there is a difference between shitposting and spam. Shitposting is funny, but spam is just annoying.
4. Do not advertise your artwork anywhere else besides the artwork subforum.

Subforum Rules:
1. Only talk about art. Do give other artists tips on how to improve their art.
2. One art showcase thread per person.
3. Only post your own art.
4. The only criticism allowed is constructive.
5. You can advertise commissions, but be professional about it.
6. Artwork containing gore and sexual themes is allowed, but it must be inside a spoiler and you must have a warning of what is inside.

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