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Forum Games Rules

Post by fuzzyfoe on Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:51 pm

The forum games subforum is for what is practiced on many other forums called "forum games." Forum games come in many different forms. An example of a forum game would be "rate the avatar above you" where you judge the avatar of the user who posted before you and the person who posts after you will judge yours.

Global Rules:
1. Your forum name must be your Tumblr URL.
2. Do not post gore or NSFW content unless the subforum rules say otherwise.
3. Be aware that there is a difference between shitposting and spam. Shitposting is funny, but spam is just annoying.
4. Do not advertise your artwork anywhere else besides the artwork subforum.

Subforum Rules:
1. This subforum is specifically for forum games, and no discussions may be held here.

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